SAM_2886Happy 27th wedding Anniversary to this superb couple, a contrasting individual yet equally attuned together. Your journey may not really easy and I did witness the hardship along the way but it is the strength, love and passion both of you had that our family did stand firm amidst all the challenges of life.

Thank you for the faith in our Almighty God that you passed on to us. Your faith has been our very example living with fear in GOD and it makes the person that we are today. I couldn’t ask for any other parents, you too were amazing and we are so blessed to have both of you


Happy Birthday Mama!!!!


Thank you for the difference you have made in my life. I’m rich because of how much time, love, your daily example that you have invested in me and the sacrifices you have made for my benefit. There couldn’t be a Mother more wonderful than you. I wish you a Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart! Whatever I am today, I owe it to you.

You have a heart that knows love, a soul that knows joy, a spirit that knows giving. Thank you for being everything a child could ever want. I love you so much ma, more than you can even imagine! You have been such a strong support to me. I will never be able to thank you enough for all of it. I will be here for you just the way you were there for me. You may have your flaws but for us your children, you will always be more than good enough than we deserve.

I wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday!

Joy in Adversity


This is the last cast that was laid all over my daughter’s two legs more than 2 years ago. These hard, heavy and uncomfortable cast symbolizes the burden that were put on her at a very young age and it felt twice as heavy, painful and hard for me.  I had wished the burden were passed to me but all I can really do that time is to take good care of her, do whatever it takes to make her life better for the future and pray to our almighty God for His helping hand and healing power be poured on this little angel of mine.

I know everything has a purpose and looking back, I now realize what it prepared me to be, and why my little angel would underwent that situation.

It was her who make me stronger to face the reality that life is not a bed of roses and it can be possibly get worst. Reality slap me that my faith will be tested and God would allow trials and challenges to come and shaken me.

It was you my little angel a living proof that whatever problems I am facing I can make it through because Our God will never leave me alone. It started that time in my life that I keep strong grip on my faith and trust in HIM all the way. Trust in His power that in any way possible HE will get me out of that situation. With my faith strong and firm and with lessons that I learn, apply and keep it made me strong enough to stand the test of life.

I am so much thankful to God regardless of the hardship and pain because it made me the person I am now.

15th month=)

It’s been exactly a year and three months now since that day when I exchange vow with you and it is then when our forever had started. I remember those lines we uttered together in the presence of God our witness. Those words of assurances, a promise of forever, we will be together, we would take care of one another in sickness and in health till death do us part.

How I treasure that day the start of our journey as couples. I know and admit to myself I was never ready on the situation I am going to enter but there’s no turning back, no room for any doubt, I just laid it all to God. I trust His plans as I trust Him my life.

The days was so quickly passing by, although it was so difficult that we are far from each other not like other couples, you still make me feel those times and moments we shared are worth keeping, full of laughter and joys. Though it was not so perfect we try and continuously deal with each others differences, we fight, sometimes hurt one’s feeling but we still manage to fix things.  At the end of the day we find ourselves learning and growing with each other.

Thanks for making me happy and for the wonderful blessing we had there was never been any regret I felt. Thank you for coming into my life and thank you for being a loving and sweet husband. Thank you for always being there for me and yhan2. We love you…


We spend this holiday so simple yet so memorable, it isn’t the gifts the colorful decoration on Christmas trees, the material things that matters most but the smiles and joys that the families shared together.





The family’s first Christmas together, we brought yhan2 to the beach and was so very happy to play on the white sand. So fascinating to see him appreciate the place and i really felt the joy in him. I thought this would never happen but yet God has a plan and allow our family to be together this Christmas this was the most wonderful gift I ever have plus another blessing was  brought to me by a dear friend. I did it! I passed the civil service exam again a wonderful gift from HIM. I was crying while we were on the van on our to way to the Island how can God be this so good? I ask myself, I was never worthy of all this things but still he Is so faithful. All glory and thanks we bring back to Your Holy Name.    And this the true essence of Christmas being with family and sharing the joy this yuletide season brings and thanksgiving to our almighty GOD .. . God really is so Good the overflowing blessing was so overwhelming and it all happened on HIS perfect time.

Sweet I do’s!

It has been a while since I had taken a peep on my blog, and just notice I haven’t given time to update it. Well it was a long time and where would I start? hmmm.. Last year, I was very blessed to have job and it was the same month last year God had given me the love of my life to be my companion for the rest of my life. I married the man whom I had prayed for and yes! It was an answered prayer. He really knows what and whose best for you and in everything that had happen I know God have reason for it.

The wedding run smooth having some flaw but it was just normal you can’t make it the perfect one but it can be one event you can cherish forever. It was a pink and apple green wedding the colors that I really wish to be my motif on the wedding day. It was like fairy tale I am walking, looking to the man who is waiting for me to hold my hands and bring me forth to the altar. I felt that it was just the two of us there like the whole world was not aware of us but it was of course  ridiculously not true. All eyes were on us as we utter our vows, the promise of forever and that God will be the center of our marriage.

It ended so soon that I felt everything just happen so fast. I was happy in the thought that God had blessed me with the man everyone wishes for to be with. I feel lucky and contended that time but questions are still running on my mind how long would we be happy? Can we carry all the burden of being a couple? Can we endure all the trials that may come our way? But then I remember what the Reverent had told us “in God nothing is impossible”. I would always remember this verse.

Bringing myself back.

I think about the past and realize how time is really fast. It was about almost over a year since I quit that thing I love doing. I don’t know what went on my mind and just rush through that decision, a very aggressive one. It happen so fast I remember not thinking of how I going to have another job since the competition was tough. There is regret in my heart but that didn’t stop me at all. There was a huge hope left in my heart that God has reason for all this things and that He would reveal to me what is ahead sooner than I imagine. Yes God has been very good and provided me a living. But as time passed I was not satisfied, I want something that would give me self improvement on my skills and self worth that I have way back then.
Looking back those times it then come to me, I miss being a VA (virtual assistant), the learning is new every day, I learn while I am working at the same time. The task given to me by the client is very interesting and worth doing, I learned a lot and still discovering new things from them. They are my mentor they are the one guiding me to a world that I hadn’t imagine there is. At first I am lost on that world, I am new to some task that the client want me to do. Being a VA, one should be versatile and open to new knowledge extended by people who come and go and those who stay. It doesn’t require a high degree of education if you love what you’re doing you would be very much willing to learn. It is being a VA I find myself love doing because I really love learning new things.